Who Reads the Transcript…?

Well in the time of Covid, just about everyone.

As AGMs and Board Committees inevitably slip into a virtual world, the importance of an accurate transcription service is paramount for every businesses’ governance framework. Just as important is the need to have a transcript that is so completely accurate, that excerpts can be lifted to perform multiple tasks with the minimal amount of editing.

As CEO of Digitype Australasia, new clients come to us with complaints that point to the inaccuracies within the transcription service industry because many are now purely AI driven. A machine can sometimes guess and articulate the nuance of meaning but often it is wrong; especially in the world of technical jargon and industry language. Whilst there is no denying AI technology is the way of the here and now and the future, the human element is paramount to producing a completely accurate transcript.

So what is important to you? A transcript that requires no editing which can be immediately sent out to shareholders or business partners? Or, one that takes a lot of back and forth communication as you work towards a report that reflects the high standards of your business? I think I know which one you would choose.

Service providers often put out a list of ‘Best Hacks’ or ‘Tips and Tricks’ to get their clients to perform the heavy lifting before an event. But why should you be subjected to that? Surely you want a set and forget process that returns immediate results?

So, what have our almost 20 years in the business taught us about our clients’ needs when seeking transcription services?

  1. They want a secure and confidential service that is held on Australian servers and not in the cloud
  2. They want a transcriber that understands the reporting season and the governance instruments that are required as a result
  3. They want a seamlessly integrated platform capable of working with technology / recording / webcast providers
  4. They want a rapid turnaround
  5. They want absolute quality assurance of the final product

So let’s see how Digitype Australasia aligns with those requirements

  1. All of our servers are onshore, this includes our sophisticated AI systems
  2. We have been the transcription service of choice for AGMs for over 15 years
  3. Our transcription service can be completely integrated with all current technologies
  4. Transcripts are returned within two hours of event ending
  5. We have a highly experienced and dedicated team who oversee and integrate with our AI systems, to type and edit 100% of the transcript against the audio recording, ensuring the highest quality, free from errors

So why would you need a hack, numerous phone calls, an AI produced transcript (without editing) that speaks a different language and a process that takes you away from the job you are supposed to be doing? Your AGM should be the stamp of approval that certifies your brand as being one of the leading lights in its field. Why risk putting that important and essential reporting record in the hands of anyone else but us?

Who reads the transcript?

We do….

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